Current Events

The Hamblen County Substance Abuse Coalition, Inc. conducts its own fundraising events to increase community sustainability for our work. With every grant, State or Federal, one of the major focuses is to see the funded organizations come to a point where their community is stepping in to create financial sustainability for their own community. The HCSAC, Inc. chooses to conduct fundraising events that are beneficial, not only to the coalition but to benefit our community.

We realize that the coalition is a part of our community and building, both the coalition and our community, is essential to future successes of both. The HCSAC, Inc. is currently funded under three State and Federal grants, The Established Coalition Grant (State of Tennessee), the Tennessee Prevention Network Grant (State of Tennessee) and the Drug Free Communities Grant (Federal Grant). Our grants bring in around $311,000.00 for services to Hamblen County annually. We also provide another $30-40,000.00 of services that are funded by the HCSAC, Inc. itself.