The Hamblen County Substance Abuse Coalition, Inc. was conceived in 2006 as members of the Morristown City Police Chaplains Corps and the Hamblen County Health Council realized a a great need in our community for an entity that would dedicate its efforts towards the prevention of substance abuse within Hamblen County. With this realization in mind, a collaboration between the afore-mentioned entities along with Stepping Out Ministries, through a $3,000 dollar starter grant from East Tennessee State University, the Hamblen Education Awareness Team, H.E.A.T. for short, was formed as a subsidiary of Stepping Out. The first two years of the entity's existence consisted of only four members and a very limited amount of funding, an Executive Director for the team would have be hired. In May of 2008 Paul Hyde, a lifetime resident of Hamblen County, was hired on a full-time basis to lead the coalition.

After being hired, the H.E.A.T. Executive Director applied for and received it's first substantial state block grant in the amount of $50,000 to begin it's work in Hamblen County. In 2009, the coalition legally changed it's name to the Hamblen County Substance Abuse Coalition. In 2011, the Executive Director realized the need to see the HCSAC become it's own entity, gain it's 501c3 status and become eligible to compete for grants in it's own name. In 2011, the coalition incorporated, in 2012 received it's 501c3 status and stepped out from beneath the umbrella of Stepping Out Ministries.

The Hamblen County Substance Abuse Coalition, Inc. has grown from it's original 4 members to a consistent representation of 30 members. Our annual budget now exceeds $400,000 annually including in-kind donations. As grant funding comes and goes, through the years there is great fluctuation of available funds and future sustainability is always on the mind of the Executive Director. As an example in 2016 the HCSAC lost $77,000 due to the expiration of the Partnerships for Success Grant from the State of Tennessee. We are fortunate that in December of 2019, we gained another $125,000 due to the funding of our year seven Drug Free Communities Grant.


Paul Hyde has been the Director of the HCSAC, Inc. since 2008. He is a 2009 Graduate of the Community Anti-Drug Coalition Acadamy. He is a Certified Prevention Specialist. He is former owner/ operator of Paul's Paint & Body, former bass vocalist for the Blackwood Brothers and Florida Boys. Paul's main priority for the HCSAC is to "change lives" using proactive approaches rather than reactive ones.

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Executive Director
Coalition Coordinator/Training Director

Tom Griffith has been with the HCSAC since 2011. Tom is a graduate of Carson Newman College with a BS in Accounting. He is a long time business owner/operator of Griffith Business Tax Services, Morristown, TN. Tom's life has been impacted by others addiction and he is extremely passionate about the efforts of the HCSAC and our mission.

Director of KASA, Hispanic Affairs

Alexis Andino has worked with the HCSAC since 2009 is a part-time capacity and was hired full-time in 2013 as the KASA Director. He is a graduate of Universidad Nacional de Agriculture, Honduras. Alexis is Certified in Community Development and is an ordained Minister. His passion for working to improve and empower others in areas of personal development, health and substance prevention is commendable.

HCSAC Youth Director

Emalie Martin is the Youth Director here at HCSAC. She has been with the coalition a year and a half and teaches our Building Skills Program for the youth in the community. She has her Masters in Human Resources and is currently working on her CPRS training through the state of TN. 


Nora Bromberg has been with us for almost three years now. Her title does not begin to define her activities with the HCSAC. She is a true asset to the coalition and ALL of our efforts. Underpaid and overworked, she handles her day to day tasks with a devoted spirit! As a pastor's wife, Nora has a servant's heart and has a "never-quit" attitude in her everyday activities!