The HCSAC, Inc. has designed and purchased over 30 Billboards that have been utilized in our community for alcohol, tobacco and prescription medication abuse in Hamblen County. 

With our major media partners The Citizen Tribune and WCRK Radio, we produce our own Public Service Announcements to reach our community with pertinent local happenings and information that pertains to substance abuse trends and dangerous new drugs that are appearing in our community. Producing many videos in house, the HCSAC strives to keep our community abreast of current happenings such as the reduction in the opiates in Hamblen County that has been replaced in great part by "Mexican Meth" which has become our number one drug problem in Hamblen County.

Refrigerator Magnets reminding residents where they can dispose of their unwanted prescription medications is a cost effective way of getting out the word. We have partnered with several home health and Hospice providers that have added these magnets to their enrollment packets. We have also provided them to the Veterans Clinic and many pharmacies, physical therapists and physicians offices.

 HCSAC, Inc. Resumes KASA Radio and Insights Radio Programs   


In 2017, KASA, the Hispanic element of the Hamblen County Substance Abuse Coalition (HCSAC), created a radio program, “KASA Radio” on FM 100.1. The program addressed family and substance abuse within the region and aired for 30 minutes every Sunday Morning.. The music content within the program was of the Hispanic genre and Alexis Andino, the Director of KASA, was the host of the program. The radio station owners were very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the program. Unfortunately, funding for the radio program through the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Grant for that fiscal cycle ran out and an anticipated replacement grant, the Partnerships For Success Grant was not funded and we had to end the program prematurely.


Today, however, we are pleased to announce that the HCSAC was afforded an opportunity to add the implementation of the community radio program back to the current DFC Funding for the 2019-2020 fiscal funding due to the COVID-19 repercussions. Many planned implementations were suspended causing grant funds to become available to, once again, introduce public radio into our action plan.

Because of the success and quality of our previously aired “KASA Radio” program, WJDT Radio was very interested in welcoming the radio program once again. The station was impressed enough by the program, to allow us to move from a Sunday morning, 30-minute format, to a quality Saturday morning, one hour, format.


Along with “KASA Radio”, the Hispanic program, the HCSAC decided to introduce an English version of this program, “Insight Radio” to air every other Saturday on WJDT, 106.5 FM. This program will address the same type of topics and the music on the program will be primarily of the Southern Gospel genre.


These programs are scheduled to begin in January 2021 on WJDT 106.5 FM. The station reaches more than 9 counties in East TN, Hamblen, Cocke, Greene, Grainger, Hancock, Union, Claiborne, Hawkins and Jefferson counties. Be listening for “KASA Radio” and “Insight Radio” coming in January 2021 on 106.5 WJDT! Click the link below to listen to the archived radio program.