Mystery Shoppers Compliance Checks

The HCSAC conducts a program called "Mystery Shoppers" where we go out and observe the selling procedures of our tobacco and alcohol vendors. As private citizens, we can observe whether stores are compliant with laws that are in place pertaining to the sales of tobacco and alcohol.

Our checks are primarily for statistical purposes. We partner with local law enforcement and local government as we forward information that we gain from our compliance observations on sites that we find that are out of compliance. Our efforts reduce the amount of funds that law enforcement and government have to spend in our community because they can concentrate on entities that are repeatedly failing compliance instead of having to police each and every outlet that sells alcohol.  Our concerns are to observe "normal" practices of vendors, without their knowledge, and gaining a more true picture of the mindset of our community regarding compliance during sales.

We also provide "We Card" placards in English & Spanish.